3 Idiots Releas on Christmas

3 Idiots Releas on Christmas

"Vinod (Vidhu Vinod Chopra) and Raju (Raj Kumar Hirani) tells me that the post-production of" 3 idiots doing well so when I get back, cut (final product) will be ready. This means that I can confirm that all those of you who have repeatedly asked ... Yes, '3 idiots' will launch for Christmas this year. I want to see rock when I get back, "he writes on his blog.

Do not reveal his whereabouts, but said: "Kiran and I'm away from home in a very quiet, lying at rest. Reading, walking, watching movies." The actor says he uses his time to catch up on some movies and books.something that has not been able to live as an avalanche tables "in a block.

"There are so many movies to watch and books to read. A life is not enough. Books I've read, but the films I do not get to see.

"It's weird because I love movies so much. It's not like I did not like watching movies. I really, really, when I see a movie I forget to blink and my eyes start to hurt after a while. But for someone who is so immersed in the film I've seen the movies of pathetic little in all these years, "he said.

Is happy that Aamir has finally managed to see the 1994 U.S. movie "The Shawshank Redemption", which was recommended to him by many.

"Just so" Shawshank Redemption. "I had heard much about this movie. It seems to be on ground to do lists. I really enjoyed it," he added.

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